Vegetable Tempura

(Tempura fried sweet potato, asparagus, eggplant, and
tempura flakes & eel sauce)


Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll

(Deep fried roll with crabstick & cream cheese topped with
spicy tuna, eel sauce spicy mayo & tempura flakes.)


Tornado Roll

(Tempura fried roll with chopped yellowtail, scallions,
jalapenos & yuzo ponzu sauce)


Temptation Roll

(Shrimp tempura, crab mix & cream cheese topped with
crab stick, eel sauce, spicy mayo & sriracha)


New Orleans Roll

(Sautéed spicy crawfish & avocado topped with spicy tuna,
spicy tamarind sauce, massago & scallions)


Rainbow Roll

(California topped with Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Shrimp &


Hawaiin Roll

(California roll topped with tuna and avocado)


Alaskan Roll

(California roll topped with alaskan salmon and avocado)


Sunshine Roll

(Spicy Salmon roll topped with salmon lemon shaved &
sesame seeds)


Yellowtail Heaven Roll

(Spicy yellowtail & avocado topped with yellowtail, jalapeno,
sriracha & spicy yuzu ponzu)


Cowboy Roll

(Marinated steak tamago, avocado, cucumber & eel sauce)


Tyson Roll

(Grill marinated chicken breast in a special house made
curry sauce & topped with spicy mayo &eel sauce)


Sashimi Roll

(Tuna salmon, yellowtail & crabstick wrapped with
cucumber in a house made yuzu ponzu sauce.)


Dragon Roll

(California roll topped with eel and avocado)


Caterpillar Roll

(Eel, avocado & crab mix inside topped with fresh slices of
avocado and eel sauce)


- Signature Rolls

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