California Roll

(Crab mix, avocado & cucumber)


Spicy Tuna Roll

(Spicy tuna mix & cucumber)


Philadelphia Roll

(Smoked salmon, avocado & cream cheese)


Shrimp Tempura Roll

(Shrimp tempura, crab mix, avocado & cream cheese)


Calamari Tempura Roll

(Calamari tempura, cream cheese, avocado & spicy mayo)


Louisiana Roll

(Fried crawfish & avocado topped with spicy tomorindo


Spicy Salmon Roll

(Spicy salmon mix & avocado)


Vegetable Roll

(Avocado, cucumber, yamagobo & asparagus)


Spider Roll

(Soft shell crab, crab mix, avocado, cucumber & eel sauce)


Atlantic Roll

(Baked salmon, cucumber topped with tempura flakes &
eel sauce)


Special Crab Crunch

(Crab mix, cucumber topped with tempura flakes and eel


Eel Roll

(Baked eel, avocado & cucumber topped with eel sauce)


Salmon Avocado

(Salmon and avocado)


Spicy White Tuna

(Spicy white tuna mixed with cucumber)


Spicy Yellowtail

(Spicy yellowtail mixed with cucumber)


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